Photofinishing Filters

We manufacture and supply a range of different products, covering the full range of minilab and film processors used world-wide. Our best-selling filters are for those machines most widely used today - Fuji, Noritsu and KIS. Our long history means we also supply consumables for machines no longer in production such as Gretag, Agfa and Konica. We also supply both wet and dry minilabs with consumables. All our products are made to the same high quality of finish and offer value compared to the OEM original.

Photo Finishing  Product Range

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Pleated Electrostatic Filters

These filters provide high performance through a combination of mechanical and electrostatic filtration. We source media that enables highly effective filtration whilst also allowing excellent airflow.

Sintered Moulded Filters

These are made from sintering plastic in-house into a porous structure in our proprietary tooling.

Wound Rigid Core Filters

Construction is a central support core of injection moulded polypropylene with a wound layer of polypropylene yarn around it. The filtration is performed by the yarn only.

Super Absorbers

For use absorbing excess ink in dry labs and large format printers. The media is capable of absorbing a considerable volume of ink.


Negative sleeving for all applications supplied in 300 metre rolls. With or without white banding and perforations. End user branding can be printed on the sleeving.