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  • Assorted pleated electrostatic air filters. Various sizes. These filters provide high performance through a combination of mechanical and electrostatic filtration. We pleat and process all media in-house to ensure precise specifications are met and a zero defect policy delivered.

  • 27 pleat electrostatic air filter for use in industrial environment where the filter must optimise the trade-off between low air flow resistance and high filtration efficiency. Lightweight filtration media with 5.0 Resistance [Pa] and 31% Penetration [EN13274-7 NaCl Aerosol] supported by support mesh.

  • 40 pleat air filter. Heavyweight media with 73 resistance [Pa] and 82.4% efficiency for particle sizes between 3 and 5 micron. Developed by us for a UK industrial customer who wished for a high performance filter at an acceptable cost.

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